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The Adventures of Scout & Kit
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The Adventures of Scout & Kit

Humbling Reviews & In the Press

Elise Monsour Puckett’s presentation of her book, “The Berry Patch,” was a perfect fit for our K-5 audience. The upper grades were interested to listen to the story, as well as to gain knowledge of the writing and publishing process. Lower grades were delighted to hear the story, as well as the author’s secrets from the book!


Elise was thoroughly prepared, complete with hands-on props, photos, coloring sheets and stickers that enhanced student engagement.  Live drawings given to each grade level by illustrator Tessa Riley were a bonus that captivated the audience. Both author and illustrator were happy to answer questions posed by students.

Elise Monsour Puckett visited Price's Fork Elementary and it was fantastic! She spoke to the kids about the entire process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a children's book and the students were fascinated. Throughout her presentation, she presented the students with real-world connections and plenty of interactive activities and questions. Elise concluded the presentation by reading her story and her illustrator even did a live drawing for the kids. I would say by the end of the day many students left excited about taking their first steps in becoming an author/illustrator.

Prices Fork Elementary School

Brian Peters, Music Teacher

Elise is AMAZING! We are so excited to add her books to our children's library!

Christiansburg, VA
Matthew Bright

....I've been meaning to tell you that I am so in awe of you. I know you're an inventor, but the idea of becoming a children's book author is amazing, and actually DOING it deserves a, "We're not worthy!" You aren't talking about pursuing your dreams, you're DOING it! You've had balls as long as I've known you, but I respect you even more than ever now. Bravo. I'm honored to call you my friend. ❤️

Prices Fork Elementary School

Debbie Haubner, Librarian

Christiansburg, VA

Julia Wood Csokasy


Elise is a graduate of Roanoke College with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She grew up in the little town of Salem, VA and is truly Salem Born and Salem Bred. Elise is a writer, author, poet and a storyteller (to her children) but her day job is at Virginia Tech University Libraries, snuggled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Elise is very happily married to a spitfire red head and is the mother of 2 beautiful, silly children with big imaginations!  




"Some of my favorite things are: Dandelion wishes, tree houses, lightning bugs, collecting seashells, mermaids, rainbows, sprinkles, volcanoes, dinosaurs, robots and

all things magical!"

"I get my inspiration from my children, nature, my inventive father and my mother, whose dream was to be a writer. My favorite places to write are in my children's playroom (pictured above) and sitting on a picnic blanket outside at a park on a beautiful summer day." 

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For any media inquiries, please contact Elise:

 elisempuckett [at] gmail [dot] [com]

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